Salmon - Still Another Load MONitor

A multi function X11 application

The real thing.

Salmon is a multi purpose hardware and software monitoring application. The current version is ported to FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and GNU/Linux. It can be used as a 64x64 pixel Afterstep wharf applet, it will work as a stand alone window in multiples of 64x64 pixels and it is also live as an icon. It will display from one to six lines of data of the users choice in one panel or one to six lines each in four panels. It will also display the graphic phase of the moon.

Eight salmon on the afterstep wharf Eight salmon on the afterstep wharf
Display information:
Free, used and total ram and swap space.
Number of swap files or devices.
Share, buffer and cache memory.
CPU load splits, total or per CPU.
Process count and run queue length.
Local or universal time in user defined formats.
Uptime as ddd hh:mm or hhhhh:mm:ss.
Local host and network names, OS type and version.
Battery/AC line state.
Machine temperatures as kelvins or degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.
The status of network interfaces and host computers.
Local and NFS file system mount status.
USB, CD/DVD or other removable device status.
Timers, alarms and stop watches.
The phase of the moon in text or graphics.
A moon quarters calculator for the current phase plus past and future quarters.
Additional functions:
Sound a tone or voice message when the AC line drops off or battery level is low.
Execute shutdown when battery state reaches a user specified level.
Execute a user specified command at low battery shutdown.
Sound a tone or voice message when a thermal zone exceeds a user specified temperature.
Execute shutdown when a thermal zone temperature exceeds a user specified level.
Execute a user specified command at critical temperature shutdown.
Sound a tone or voice message when an alarm or timer expires.
Execute a user specified command when an alarm or timer expires.
Un/mount local or remote file systems.
Execute shutdown at a pointer event.
Execute user specified commands at pointer events.
Execute user specified afterstep internal functions at pointer events.
Launch salmon on one host to be displayed or swallowed in an afterstep Wharf on another.
Use an alternate background pixmap to match the OS or window manager.
Reset the system wall clock at startup if run by super user.
Syncronize remote host times to the time on the designated LAN server.
Talking clock announces the time at user selected times or intervals.
One or four panel calendar function.
Volume indicator/control function.

The version tar ball is the source and build files only. If the audio capability is desired, salmon-audio.tar.bz2 or other sound files are required. The moon phase graphics are in salmon-pixmap.tar.bz2. The background file, salmon-back.tar.bz2 is a selection of 320x320 gziped xpm images. See INSTALL for more information.

Six salmon with an alternate background.

Get salmon

The current version, source and build files.
Developed on:
FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD
and GNU/Linux.
Current salmon (115 kb).
The audio files.
Salmon sound files (270 kb).
The moon phase pixmaps.
Salmon graphics files (5.7 mb).
Sample background pixmaps.
Salmon background files (1.3 mb).
Salmon zip files.

Commands Functions
Six color coded commands. Six color coded functions.

Ten salmon on remote servers.
Secondary afterstep wharf with five salmon.

Last updated May 16, 2015

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